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1966 CITROEN DS21 - SynLube Test

1966 Citroen DS21 SynLube Test Car
First SynLube "long-term" test

Since many in the Automotive Industry did not consider the air-cooled two cylinder FIAT 500 a real car, the long term SynLube test vehicle that was selected was CITROEN DS 21.
A car that at that time was considered to be the most technologically advanced vehicle in the World !

This vehicle was specially ordered from CITROEN and fitted with SynLube fluids at the factory in France.
This car was first exhibited when NEW at BRNO Auto Show in Czechoslovakia.

The car was then driven throughout Europe, then shipped to Canada in 1969 and driven in North America till 1972.

Motor Oil was changed only once in 1969 @ 100,000 km (62,000 miles).

The car was then driven another 215,000 km (133,300 miles) without any oil changes before timing chain broke and caused the engine to stop.

The non running vehicle was then sold in "as-is" condition to CHALLENGER MOTORS in Hollywood, California USA (Citroen Service Dealer).

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