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2004 FORD Ranger V6-4.0L

ONLY ONE OIL Change since 2004   ONLY ONE OIL CHANGE !!!

2004 FORD Ranger V6-4.0L

owner: C. P. Houck, Clarkston, Georgia

Synner since January 18, 2004 @ 784 miles

Following SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® products are used:

Update: 65,313 odo miles on 10/2/2017


You can contact the owner by e-mail:

Mr. Houck has been a long time SynLube customer, here is link to his previous vehicle:
2002 FORD Focus SVT Z-tec
Customer Comment

I'm averaging 19.887 MPG overall which is over 4 MPG better than the EPA expects.
The transmission is definitely shifting better since I've switched to SynLube ATF.