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How to use SynLube


We receive many e-mails and phone calls form potential new customers, about how they should use SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil in their vehicle's engine.

Using SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil in your vehicle does not require any special procedures, so anyone who has ever successfully changed Motor Oil in any engine can install SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Motor Oil and MicroGlass™ Oil Filter.

This web page gives you Step-by-Step procedure, about how SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil should be used.

However, the information on this web page for use of SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil, is normal general information, but in some instances depending on the actual use of your specific vehicle, we may make other additional recommendations to you.

Step 1 - Determine what you need

If you have previously changed the Motor Oil in your engine, you will probably know how much Motor Oil you will need to fill up your crankcase

You may also know, which oil filter model will fit your car.

If you have never changed Motor Oil in your vehicle before, then you may have to look up that information in your Vehicle's Owner Manual.

The information is usually listed in "Capacities" section, or if not, look for more information in the "Index" and refer to pages such as "Motor Oil" or "Oil Change".

Either way before you order SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil, MicroGlass™ Oil Filter and UniMag™ Oil Filter Magnet for your vehicle please follow the instructions on our How to Order web page.

This way you will not just get what you think you need, but actually get what you REALLY NEED !

Based on the information we receive from you, we will confirm that your order consists of what you need for your particular vehicle.

One reason why we do not have on-line ordering for NEW customers, is that in the past many people ordered the wrong filters, too much or not enough of the SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil, etc.

Step 2 - Place Order

Once we receive your e-mail indicating your interest in purchase of SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil, and information on your specific application, we will respond with e-mail giving you the price for the "SynKit" (all you need for your vehicle).

Our response will also include information about what other data we need (such as Shipping Address) and how you can pay for your purchase.

As soon as you provide the necessary information your order will be processed, and usually shipped the same day by FedEx GROUND (if in USA) or by International Mail (elsewhere).

Step 3 - Receive the SynKit

Shipments in USA are by FedEx GROUND Service, and unless requested otherwise will be delivered "Without Need for Signature", that is if you are not at the place of Delivery, the package will be left at the door.

If your delivery address is in area where such delivery may not be secure, please request Delivery that requires signature.

Please note that there is no Insurance for loss of a package ONCE it was delivered at the proper address, even if no one is present.

If you note any internal damage or leakage in the package please inform us immediately, preferably by e-mail (Send mail to

Minor external damage to the package is usually inconsequential, as all our shipments are double boxed, with a foam fill between the outer and the inner box.

Therefore, do not refuse delivery of such package, unless there is sign of serious damage and/or fluid leakage.

Inspect the content of the "SynKit" and verify that all items indicated on the INVOICE have been shipped and received.

The INVOICE is placed in the clear pouch on top of the shipping box, under the FedEx Ship Label (in USA), or on top of the inside box (elsewhere).

Step 4 - Drain the USED Motor Oil

Follow normal practice for draining existing Motor Oil from your engine.

Draining Motor Oil

It is preferable that the Motor Oil is warm (but not too hot).

Dispose of the USED Motor Oil properly and in accord with Local Regulations - see Step 11.

Step 5 - Replace the Oil Filter

Remove the existing Motor Oil Filter.

Oil Filter

Install the NEW MicroGlass™ Motor Oil Filter supplied by SynLube.

Make sure the Motor Oil Filter is properly tightened.

Typically Motor Oil Filter should be tightened by 2/3 to 1 full turn AFTER the gasket contacts the mounting base.

The Motor Oil Filter provided by SynLube may be larger (diameter or length, or both) as we normally supply the "biggest" filter that will fit onto your engine.

Larger filter, of course, has more filter media in it and will not need to be changed as often as a smaller filter.

However, as a cost cutting measure many OEMs use much smaller Motor Oil Filters as original factory mounted equipment.

Dispose of the USED Motor Oil Filter properly and in accord with Local Regulations - see Step 11.

Step 6 - Fill the crankcase with Motor Oil

To fill the crankcase with SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil use the bottles labeled as INITIAL FILL.

DO NOT USE bottles labeled as ADD OIL at this time !

Because SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil is supplied in bottles that are filled to 1 Liter capacity, which is 5% more than One US Quart, use about 1/2 bottle LESS than you normally would.

Step 7 - Start Engine

START the Engine and let it idle for about 30 seconds, the Oil Warning Light (if so equipped) should go OFF in less than 15 seconds, or alternately Oil Pressure Gauge (if so equipped) should indicate Normal Oil Pressure, within that time.

If normal Oil Pressure is not indicated or the Oil Warning Light remains ON, for more than 30 seconds, shut off the engine IMMEDIATELY and proceed to Step 8.

Oil Pressure Warning

If normal Oil Pressure is indicated or the Oil Warning Light goes OFF, increase the engine speed for about 10 seconds and then shut the engine OFF and proceed to Step 8.

Step 8 - Check for Motor Oil leaks

Check that there is no leakage around the Motor Oil Filter base gasket.

If any leakage is discovered, correct the situation.

Most frequently the Oil Filter base gasket is not compressed adequately to provide 100% seal and the filter needs to be tightened more.

However, do not over tighten the Oil Filter, rotate it not more than 1/3 turn at a time.

If tightening the Oil Filter slightly more does not fix the problem, remove the Oil Filter and inspect the gasket for damage and if it is properly located (seated) within the Oil Filter base.

Step 9 - Check and Adjust the Motor Oil Level

If you followed our advice in Step 6, you will need to add some more SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil into your engine before you close the hood.

The vehicle should be parked on a level surface, so you can obtain correct reading on your Dipstick.

Wait about five (5) minutes after you shut down the engine, before you check the Dipstick.

In most automotive engines the area on the Dipstick that is between the LOW (MIN) and HI (MAX) marks represents either One US Quart or One Liter.

Dipstick at MIN

Every engine will operate satisfactorily if the Oil Level is just above the LOW (MIN) mark.

Some engines may be damaged if overfilled, or the Oil Consumption will be significantly increased if the Oil Level is maintained TOO HIGH.

SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil is a colloidal "sol" and thus behaves differently than conventional Motor Oil, be it Synthetic or Petroleum.

Specifically, Thermal Expansion is at about TWICE the rate of conventional Motor Oil, thus if you fill your engine with SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil to the FULL (MAX) mark on your Dipstick when COLD, there will be WAY TOO MUCH oil when at normal operating temperature (HOT).

That is why when you are using SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil in your engine you want to keep the Motor Oil Level on your Dipstick just slightly above the MIN (LOW) mark, and under no circumstances when COLD you want the Oil Level to be more than 1/2 the way between the LOW and HI marks.

Step 10 - Install UniMag™ Oil Filter Magnet

Installing the UniMag™ Oil Filter Magnet is simple, as the extremely strong Neodymium Magnets will attract themselves to the Outside of the Motor Oil Filter case of the "Spin-On" filter.


However, if your vehicle has "cartridge" type Motor Oil Filter, then the use of the Oil Filter Magnet may not be possible, because many holders of the "cartridge" type filter are made from plastics or aluminum, which of course are not "ferro-magnetic".

Step 11 - Dispose of USED Oil and Filter Properly

Dispose of the USED Motor Oil and USED Motor Oil Filter properly and in accord with Local Regulations.

Used Oil Disposal

Many service stations, repair facilities and quick lubes will accept used oil and used oil filters.

Additionally, your local government or recycling coordinator may be able to identify curbside or other recycling programs in your area.

The best way of locating a nearby collection center in USA is to visit the web site, this web site allows you to search for collection centers by ZIP code.

Step 12 - Check Motor Oil level periodically

Check Dipstick

Until you determine what is the "Normal" Oil Consumption for your vehicle with SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil, check your Dipstick periodically, preferably about one Week and then one Month after the SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil installation.

There is no such thing as "Normal" oil consumption rate for ALL engines !

Even identical engines form the same manufacturer may have vastly different Oil Consumption Rate.

What may be "Normal" for one vehicle, may be "Excessive" for another.

It is therefore extremely important that you familiarize yourself with what is "Normal" Oil consumption for your particular engine when you are using SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil.

If you need to add some SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil due to "Normal" Motor Oil consumption (not because of leakage), use only the SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil labeled as ADD OIL.

Step 13 - Change the Motor Oil Filter periodically

If you utilize the Motor Oil Filter that is provided in the SynKit by SynLube, it is most likely MicroGlass™ filter media Motor Oil Filter with also a high quality base gasket.

Because of this superior construction, such Motor Oil filter can be used for much longer interval than typical low cost Motor Oil Filter.

Because engines have differing crankcase capacity, differing Motor Oil flow rates, and differing Motor Oil Filter sizes, our recommendation for periodic Motor Oil Filter change will be specific to your application, and you will be informed of our recommendation, as part of our Maintenance Monitoring (a FREE Service to our Customers).

Our typical recommendations for Motor Oil Filter change range from annual to as long as 5 years or 50,000 miles.

In majority of applications Motor Oil Filter change every 2 years or 25,000 miles is adequate.

Step 14 - Provide USED Oil Sample

When you have about 5 years or 50,000 miles of use on SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil provide SynLube Incorporated with USED Motor Oil sample for testing and evaluation.

Simply request FREE Oil Sample Bottle, when you are ordering ADD OIL or Motor Oil Filter and it will be included in your order at no extra charge along with a return box.

Then when you are replacing the Motor Oil Filter, simply pour some of the USED SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Synthetic Motor Oil from the removed Motor Oil Filter into the Oil Sample Bottle.

USED Motor Oil Sample Bottle

Send the USED Motor Oil Sample back to SynLube Incorporated for FREE Analysis.

After SynLube completes the testing of your USED Motor Oil Sample, we will inform you of the results and if any action on your part is necessary.