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What Oil Change Intervals are recommended for SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® Motor Oil?

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What Oil Change Interval is recommended for SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® Motor Oil?

A: (simple)

The MAXIMUM service limit for current version of SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® Motor Oil, if used in conventional private or commercial vehicles is:

-- which ever occurs first.

The "which ever occurs first" is the most important phrase of the specification !

However, we recommend for the best possible protection and maximum vehicle life, that you change your motor oil every 50,000 miles (80,000 kilometers) or 5 years.

Also all the above maximum specifications are intended for vehicles where

SynLube™Lube‑4‑Life®  is used as recommended and in combination with

SynLube™Lube‑4‑Life®  MicroGlass Oil Filter and FilterMagnets.


For example:

If your vehicle is mostly driven in slow city stop & go traffic and you average only about 20 MPH, then at 3,000 hours of engine operation your vehicle will have ONLY about 60,000 miles.

If your vehicle is used mostly for high-speed highway driving at 70 MPH, your vehicle will have 150,000 miles on long before you reach 3,000 engine hours.

If you seldom drive your vehicle, maybe once a month, then the 15-year service specification will determine your oil change interval.

If your vehicle is used for racing or other non-conventional applications contact SynLube Incorporated for specific recommendations for you specific application.

A: (detailed)

Motor oil serves many purposes.
Its primary function is to lubricate and protect, but it also keeps your engine cool and running clean.

The conventional wisdom tells you that: "By changing your oil frequently, you remove combustion by-products such as acid, soot, abrasives, water and unburned fuel."
All of these substances can have damaging effects on both the performance and life of your engine. And all of these substances are formed and/or suspended in conventional motor oils, both petroleum and synthetics.

Because SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® is unique lubricant, it does not deteriorate like conventional oils.

The high quality synthetic base stocks are chemically inert from -50°F to 500°F, therefore degradation of lubricant does not occur.

Sludge, gum and varnish are therefore not a problem in engines that are lubricated since new with SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life®.

The colloidal components in SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® greatly reduce wear and formation of metallic abrasive particles.
Further, Oil Filter Magnets that are installed on the outside of the Oil Filter housing, trap any magnetic wear particles.

The SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® MicroGlass Oil Filter removes 98% of 8 to 10 micron particles in single pass test, by comparison conventional cellulose media oil filters are only efficient in 20 to 40 micron range.


It is important to realize that SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® is a "system" consisting not only of the INITIAL FILL and ADD OIL motor oils, but also the MicroGlass Oil Filter and the FilterMagnets.

Only if ALL the components of this "system" are utilized properly, then the maximum oil change recommendations can be used.

You should check your owners' manual for engine manufacturer's recommended oil change service.

The safe oil change interval for SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® is about 10 to 15 times the OEM recommendation for conventional petroleum motor oil.

However, we recommend for the best possible protection and maximum vehicle life, that you change your motor oil every 50,000 miles or 5 years.

If an oil change is delayed, SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® provides an added level of assurance and protection that is not available in any conventional oils.

SynLube™Lube‑4‑Life® is the only lubricant that offers such extensive protection along with universality of use.

To fully understand how and why SynLube™ Lube‑4‑Life® is the "Best Lubricant" please read this more detailed web page:


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