167,000 miles / 14 years without Oil Changes ?

SynLube's Lube4Life™ System makes it possible.

January 20, 2000 -- Las Vegas, Nevada.

SynLube, Inc. concluded 14 year test of Lube-4-Life™ System consisting of Permanent Synthetic Motor Oil, Permanent Synthetics Gear Oil, Permanent Synthetic Brake Fluid and Permanent Synthetic Coolant.

The test vehicle was 1986 Model of BERTONE X1/9, a mid engined sports car. The Italian made vehicle was equipped with SynLube™ fluids in November 1985 by M.I.K. Automotive Inc. of  North Hollywood, California, an exclusive franchised dealer for BERTONE automobiles.

BeroRed86.bmp (112230 bytes)

Although all fluid levels were monitored, and if needed additional fluids were added, they were never drained out or replaced.

The Oil filter was changed at 30,000 miles and again at 120,000 miles.

The average Motor Oil consumption was 8,657 miles per US Quart of Oil.

BeroRed160Kodo.bmp (190298 bytes)

Odometer of BERTONE X1/9 Test Car on 1/20/2000

At 167,000 miles the vehicle still runs great, is driven daily and passes California Exhaust Emission Test with no problems.

If maintained with conventional fluids as per original manufacturer's recommendations (OEM) the vehicle would have had following:

bullet27  Motor Oil and Oil Filter changes (every 6,000 miles or 6 months)
bullet6  Coolant Changes (every 24,000 miles or 2 years)
bullet10  Gear Oil Changes (every 15,000 miles)
bullet6   Brake Fluid Changes (every 2 years)

The use of SynLube™ Functional Fluids not only eliminated most of routine maintenance, but also contributed to reliable vehicle life without performance degradation.  

Vehicle's environmental impact was also substantially reduced, not only because no waste oil nor coolant was generated, but also because exhaust emission levels were maintained below levels required for 1986 model vehicles.

This test proves that Permanent SynLube™ Fluids are a viable alternative to conventional petroleum based fluids, which must be periodically and frequently changed to maintain  vehicle in a good operating condition. 

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