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1996 BUGATTI EB 110 GT

WITHOUT Oil Change since 1996    WITHOUT OIL CHANGE !!!

1986 BUGATTI  EB 110 GT
Owner lives in Monaco, Europe
Synner since: May 9, 1996

SynLube™ Products used in this vehicle:


Following SynLube™ Products were installed at 18,000 odo kilometers in June 2001:

Update: 68,481 odo kilometers on July 28, 2014
This blue Bugatti was sold new in 1995. It is a one owner car, it still smells new inside.
It was equipped with SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® Motor Oil and Gear Oil in 1996 @ 1,000 Km.
One would think, that in a vehicle that boasts 540 Hp @ 8,000, one would not expect much difference after changing Motor Oil, but the owner comments: "Now I experience exhilarating accelerations and V-12 engine is so smooth at idle, if it did not have a tach, I would not know it was running.
The gear oil is simply amazing, it is perfect for 4-wheel-drive efficiency".

Owner offered this car at auction in May of 2001, but did not receive adequate offer, so decided to "keep it forever", at which time installed additional SynLube™ Lube-4-Life® products.