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2000 YUGO Euro

NO Oil Change since 1999    NO OIL CHANGES !!!

2000 YUGO Euro
Synner since: June 1999 @ 40 miles

2000 YUGO Euro

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Update: 68,908 Miles May 12, 2014
Additional Information

This vehicle is very unique, not just because YUGO made only one Euro prototype for sale in USA, but also because it was the ONLY car imported to USA after the April 9, 1999 NATO bombing of the ZASTAVA factory.

It was shipped to Ben Stepman Yugo, the #1 YUGO Dealer in the World, in Henderson Nevada USA.

After the Ben Stepman died the car has been acquired by MIROX Corporation in July 1999 and donated to the SynLube Car Collection.

Vehicle Data

Type 4-cylinder inline
Transverse, Front-Mounted
Valves 2 per cylinder
Capacity 1,275cc
Carburation BOSCH EFI
Max power 65bhp @ 6,000rpm
Compression 9.2:1
Gearbox 5-speed + reverse
Clutch Single dry plate
hydraulically assisted
Chassis Integral chassis/body
Body Steel
Builder Zastava
Suspension Independent, coil springs over
telescopic shock absorbers
Brakes Front: Discs
Rear: Drums
Top speed 155 km/h (96 mph)
Acceleration 0-60 mph in 12 sec