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1980 BERTONE Lamborghini Athon

1980 BERTONE Lamborghini Athon
1980 BERTONE Lamborghini Athon
1980 BERTONE Lamborghini Athon (front) 1980 BERTONE Lamborghini Athon (rear)

Lamborghini Athon - Bertone design you can't buy, Why? 
Because only one has been made in 1980.

The car which is fully functional has been test driven for over 40,000 km (25,000 miles).

BRETONE Athon interior
BERTONE Athon interior

The Lamborghini Athon was not just a concept car designed by Bertone Studio for Lamborghini, but also a fully functional pre-production prototype.

It was presented for the first time at the 1980 Turin Motor Show, the Lamborghini Athon shared the mechanicals with the 1974 BERTONE Bravo and was intended to be a top-less two-seater for "open air" motoring.

It featured a 3-liter transverse mid-mounted 90° V-8 DOHC engine that produced 260 bhp @ 7,500 PRM and was mated to a five-speed gearbox.

The car never made it into production, in large part because of the Lamborghini's financial problems at that time.

This particular vehicle was acquired by BERTONE after it was retired from "durability testing" and was part of the BERTONE Museum Collection until 2011.

The car was sold during auction in May 2011 which was part of Bertone Museum asset liquidation ordered by Italian Bankruptcy court.


This Lamborghini Athon was estimated to have an auction price value of around US$213,000 to US$312,000 by RM Auctions.

How much did it sell for?
€347,200 (US$487,000)

Following Products were installed in 1980:

Vehicle Data

Type 90° Aluminum L240 V8
Transverse, Mid-Mounted
DOHC per bank
Valves 2 per cylinder
Bore/Stroke 86mm x 64.5mm
Capacity 2,996cc
Carburation 4 Twin-throat Webers
Max power 260bhp @ 7,500rpm
Torque 237 ft/lbs @ 4,000rpm
Compression 10:1
Gearbox 5-speed + reverse
Axle Ratio 14/35
Clutch Single dry plate
hydraulically assisted
Chassis Integral chassis/body
Body Steel
Builder Bertone
Suspension Independent, coil springs and
telescopic shock absorbers
Brakes Girling ventilated discs
Wheels Campagnolo cast magnesium
Front: 15" x 8"
Rear:  15" x 11"
Front Tires 195/50 VR 15 Michelin
Rear Tires 275/40 VR 15 Michelin
Overall Length 3775 mm147.2 in
Overall Width 1900 mm74.1 in
Overall Height 1050 mm41.0 in
Wheelbase 2275 mm88.7 in
Front Track 1488 mm58.0 in
Rear Track 1555 mm60.6 in
Weight 1085 kg2390 lbs
Fuel Tank 80 L21 gal
Top speed 275 km/h (170 mph)
Acceleration 0-60 mph in 7.3 sec

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