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Web Changes

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

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bullet LINKS - this web page shows the links to some interesting websites that we have found on the Internet
bulletThis article explains the Nine Functions of Motor Oil and explains some advantages and disadvantages of conventional Petroleum oils, Synthetic Oils and explains why SynLube is superior
Oil versus Syn
bulletIn recent months over million vehicles are affected by engine problems due to "sludge"! Lear which vehicles are affected and what sludge is. See:
bulletDid you know that widely available motor oil made from pure petroleum can ruin your modern engine ? Learn all about it ! See:
bulletWhy do YOU change your Motor Oil?
Read all about it!  See:
Dirty Motor Oil
bulletIs the word "colloid" a mysterious term for you ?
Care to know what it is ?
Read all about it! See:
bulletCheck out our updated Pages under:
SynLube Uses
[New!] SynLube Lube-4-Life ...Gear Lubes are now improved to last
        for up to 10 Years / 250,000 Miles or for up to 5,000 Hours of operation
See the product data sheet for more details.
[New!] SynLube Lube-4-Life ...PSF  for power Steering Systems
        is now available
        It lasts for up to 10 Years / 300,000 Miles or for up to 6,000 Hours of operation
See the product data sheet for more details.

[New!]SAVE 10%   Buy Syn Kit for you vehicle!

See Syn Kits for more details.

Press Releases

These are the press releases we've issued over the last few years.

You may want to search for topics also by keyword.


bulletNovember 26, 1998 --  Press Release 11/98
bullet167,000 Miles without Oil Changes?
bulletSee the press release 1/2000 for more details.
bulletApril 2001 --              Press Release 4/2001
bulletJuly 7, 2007    Press Release 7/2007


bulletJanuary 26, 2010    Press Release 1/2010



Media Coverage of SynLube, Inc.

bulletHot New Products, Lowrider Magazine, Nov. 1991
bulletThe Original Syn, Sports Car, Nov. 1991
bulletDown the Road, Kit Car Illustrated, Dec. 1991
bulletSpecialities, Speciality and Custom Dealer, Oct. 1992
bulletInside Line, Import Automotive Parts & Accessories, Aug. 1994
bulletNew Products, Aftermarket Business, April 1995
bulletSynLube, Import Tuner, March 2001

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